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A collapsable recreation of the Globe

Today's office was a recreation of the Globe theatre that was designed to be folded up and loaded on to the back of an 18 wheeler. This minor feat of German Engineering fits almost 500 people, none of whom are more than 10 metres away. One hitch: it was such a pain in the ass to set up the first time they decided to leave it up next to the race track where it debuted and never strike it.

The venue was really professional and had everything required of our rider. I'm pretty sure we're the loudest act they've hosted. Lots of other notable companies have come through, including the RSC. After the last performance JQ DJ'd an oldschool hiphop 2 hour set for the staff to dance to and we watched Russia get kicked out of the World Cup.

Neuss and Düsseldorf have been a wonderful experience, and an even more wonderful audience, but it's time for us to head home to the United States and hug our families. I'll never forget this tour!

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