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Taking a big leap

It's time to make this public: we're moving to Los Angeles.

I never thought I'd ever leave Chicago. I've spent 30 of my 34 years here, with memories in every neighborhood. There is so much familiarity in Chicago, from under the Howard stop of the Red Line all the way to Calumet Park. From taking Woody to Montrose dog beach, to meeting my latest niece and nephew at West Suburban Hospital on the days they were born. Every day here I see family and chosen family and friends and acquaintances, and honestly you all are what really make it so hard to leave.

We have some opportunities in LA we can't pass up, and since we don't yet have any babies or a mortgage, we realized the time is right to start a big adventure. I've never done anything like this before.

I'm certain we'll come back some day, and I can tell you exact dates if you ask because I've already booked a bunch of sound design jobs in Chicago theatres between now and May 2019. There is a strange truth to the idea that as soon as you move away you start getting hired more, so I'm getting the ball rolling on joining USA 829 so I can be represented by a great union with my design work as well.

Our lease is up October 1st, so that's the deadline we've given ourselves for wheels up and takeoff. Zoe and I are currently hunting for jobs and housing to make the landing as painless as possible. If anyone has any leads or advice, feel free to message me privately because I am all ears. Between now and when we leave, I'll post some appreciations and best-ofs. Chicago is the greatest city in the world.

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