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Top Ten in Chicago

Top 10 Chicago Theatre Experiences I had the pleasure of working on.

(in no particular ranking)

As Told by the Vivian Girls - Dog & Pony Assisting Ray Nardelli on The Tempest - Chicago Shakespeare The Twins Would Like To Say - Dog & Pony How We Got On - Haven Theatre The Whole World Is Watching - Dog & Pony Subbing for Kevin O'Donnell on Moby-Dick - Building Stage God's Ear - Dog & Pony Mixing Million Dollar Quartet @ the Goodman (subbing for Nick Keenan) before it moved to the Apollo Dark Play or Stories for Boys - Collaboraction Loading in the Wooster Group's production of The Emperor Jones to the Goodman

Bonus: Every single thing I ever did with the Q Brothers in Chicago.

Honorable Mentions: Almost every Opera I got to design at Northwestern, along with Northwestern's productions of Urinetown and Ever in the Glades, and that time I was backstage at the Lyric during tech for The Ring Cycle, and also that week I spot opped My Fair Lady at the Lyric, and basically every other production I worked on so long as I had enough money to feed, clothe, and house myself after the play opened/closed.

Chicago theatre has been very good to me, all things considered. By my count I've been the sound designer on 89 productions here. Honestly that's probably low, because I left some shows off my resume. I don't know of another city that could have made that possible for a 23-to-34 year old. When I say thanks to Chicago, I'm really saying thanks to the humans that work(ed) in Chicago Theatre. Thank you.

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