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Skin of Our Teeth's Qlab

Skin of Our Teeth got nominated for two Jeffs! Thanks to Krissy Vanderwarker's kickass direction, sound design was one of them! Huzzah!

The Cast of Skin of Our Teeth was lovely too.

In honor of that, and because nobody but the stage manager usually gets to see this, here's the complete QLab Q list from the show...:

In a way it kindof reads like a storyboard of the show. So much of sound design is entirely dependent on whether the director wants you to stretch out. Some of my favorite directors dig in and ask me to build these little scenes-within-the sound-of-the-play.

Some of these folders unpack to huge sequences of Wavs and Fades.

We made a rollercoaster roll around the theatre during the boardwalk montage.

29b is a result of my dislike of .5 cues. If I need to add a decimal, instead I go to letters replacing the smallest integer in the Q number.

This play ended and then it didn't and the sound design had to be really clear about what wasn't happening and golly I wish I could just go back in time and watch the show all over again. Thanks to Matthew Bonham Lockdall and Ellen Willet for the support!

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